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Your telephone system is part of your IT System - you are communicating with the outside world, with customers and suppliers, whether you use your telephone equipment or your computer equipment. Your voice communications and your computer communications both connect to the outside using telephone lines.

Your telephony requirements should therefore be considered, planned and implemented as part of your IT system requirements. Internally, voice traffic can (and should) be carried over the same wiring system as your computer data. Externally, there’s no point in installing and paying for many separate telephone lines if they can be shared with your data communications.

Recent developments towards Voice Over IP (VOIP) turn your voice calls into computer data so that they can pass over the same wiring and through the same equipment that handles your computer traffic.

Our Fish.Net team are experienced at installing complete Telephone systems both using conventional IDSN and analogue lines, and using networking technology VOIP. We’ll help guide you through the maze of technology helping you choose the equipment and techniques that best meet your specifications and budgets.

We will provide solutions to suit your needs, organising everything from cabling and trunking to switch boards and patch panels and ensure that it integrates with the rest of your IT strategy.

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