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Successful System Support Successful System Support
Successful System Support


Fish.Net supply all the IT equipment that your business needs, helping you through the product selection process to find the most cost effective and time effective products to suit your requirements.


Even though IT hardware gets ever more reliable and we continue to get more performance per pound, we still recommend that you go for the quality of construction, components and support provided by major brand manufacturers; in the past this may have been considered a costly luxury, but now it is a readily affordable extra.

From our experience we have recommended and supplied equipment from the following manufactures, but continue to reassess and determine the best value at time of supply:

Servers - IBM, HP/Compaq

Workstations - Lenovo, Fujitsu, NEC, HP/Compaq – Apple as required

Laptops - Lenovo, Acer

Choosing the correct hardware for your network infrastructure is paramount to a solid and functional network. At Fish.Net we make it easy to understand and identify the appropriate switches, routers, patch panels and all the other network equipment needed to form a reliable and cost effective setup:

Network equipment - switches, routers, wireless and ADSL equipment from D-link, Draytek, 3Com, Zyxel, and Cisco

Network infrastructure - wiring, cabinets, panels etc.


It seems almost impossible these days to select software without Microsoft being mentioned at some point, which is one of the reasons why we recommend and supply the full range of Microsoft software for your business. But, we also supply software from a whole range of other developers to give you the best possible features and value for money. Fish.Net have no direct affiliation with any software houses allowing us to continually match your needs to the correct software.

Examples include:

Operating Systems - Microsoft, Linux

Office Software - Microsoft, Lotus, Adobe, Open Office

Backup - Symantec, Computer Associates, Paragon, Acronis

Anti-virus - Network Associates, AVG

Mail Systems - Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Mdaemon, Mailtraq


Appliances are self-contained, stand-alone devices, dedicated to performing specific functions and come complete with hardware and software. It is often better to use appliances instead of adding more software to a general-purpose computer system. For example, instead of increasing the load on your server by running firewall software, it is often more cost-effective to install a completely separate firewall box. Appliances can prove more effective and reliable in many areas within your system.

We always assess the equipment available in order to supply you with the best-matched product.

Examples of appliances include:


Spam filters

Networked Attached Storage

Print Servers

Installation & Configuration

And of course, we can fully help you with all the installation and configuration you may need, coupled with handover sessions to enable you to benefit from your new IT system and products. Once your system is installed, we will provide all the resources to fully support your new system in a variety of ways.

Discuss your requirements with us

Contact us, and let us identify quality products at cost-effective prices, for your IT systems and for your business.

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