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Successful System Support Successful System Support
Successful System Support

System Support

Your computer network is a crucial part of your day-to-day business and our support staff realise this. Downtime can be very expensive and loss of data can be critical to your business. This highlights the importance of keeping your network running smoothly. Any problems must be dealt with quickly and with the least amount of disruption minimising the impact on your business.

System Support

Instead of waiting until your system fails, prevention is often the most effective form of support; so our support team constantly monitors and reviews your systems to keep them at their healthiest, ensuring your system has the resources it needs to operate smoothly, and that service packs and critical updates are installed.

We have a vast and varied experience in dealing with systems of all different types and sizes. We provide effective support to all sizes of businesses; from those with one or two computers right up to systems with multiple servers and spread across multiple sites. Wherever possible we use remote monitoring and control to supply an immediate response to your problems and to reduce your support costs, but will always provide support by the appropriate means convenient to you: by telephone, email, remote control or on-site.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply you with specialist skills and the right experience to meet your needs. We won’t distinguish between what is and isn’t supported; we’ll make sure that we provide all the support and assistance to keep you running.

User Support

As well as supporting your equipment we also support your people – it’s no good if your equipment is fully working but your personnel can’t make use of it. So we also support the users of your equipment, with friendly, plain English explanations and demonstrations.

Extended Support

It may be that you already have in-house IT personnel; in which case, as well as providing direct support, we also provide a consultancy and advisory service for organisations who have their own IT support staff but need:

Specialist advice

A troubleshooting service

or additional resource beyond their in-house capabilities.

Our Relationship with You

Because our philosophy is to be a seamless extension of your business, we work with a combination of shared and dedicated support:

Dedicated: we like to build long term relationships between specific Fish.Net members and individual customers. This allows them to build up an understanding of your underlying IT infrastructure, better able to analyse, identify and rectify system problems should they occur

Shared: because all requests for assistance are monitored by all members of the support team, your query can be addressed and responded to as rapidly as possible by the support team depending upon urgency, availability and prior knowledge of your system.

Every member of the Fish.Net Systems team shares responsibility for making sure you get the service you expect and deserve.


We will provide the technical interface on your behalf with any other equipment suppliers - perhaps the suppliers of your accounts software or a work tracking package specific to your industry.

Geographic Coverage

Because of our desire to build relationships and provide personal support, we sensibly ensure that we cover areas where our quality of support can be sustained. We therefore provide an active support capability including on-site support within the North West, North Midlands, and West Yorkshire covering:

North West including the whole of Lancashire

Greater Manchester


Cheshire and into North Wales


West Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

Our Extended Support and consultancy is provided successfully across the whole of the UK.
Retainer Agreement

For many of our customers Fish.Net provide support under a retainer agreement. We help you budget for your IT support costs and actively review the level of support you consume and need, so that you keep in control of your IT spending.

Discuss your requirements with us

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