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Your network provides the communications infrastructure for the IT equipment within your business.
Fish.Net design and install networks for all sizes of company; from small businesses to large corporates. We have many years experience at designing and implementing effective and secure networks.

Local Network - LAN

We design your network with the right balance of performance, expansion, equipment location, cost and appearance.

We assess, specify and supply all elements of your network including:



Internet access



Telephony equipment

Wiring infrastructure:


Patch Panels


Traditional wired network connections give the most effective and reliable way of implementing a network, whilst wireless connections increase flexibility, so we design and implement wiring systems to fit in with the way your business operates.

Your telephone system and other equipment is another element of your network wiring, and should be integrated as part of an overall structured wiring system. We will help you plan and incorporate your telephony equipment, where wall sockets can be readily used for any of your IT or telephone equipment, giving you flexibility in your office layout.

Wireless Networking

Fish.Net supply and install all elements of wireless networking

Internal network

Wireless access points (WAP) and wireless network adaptors

Wireless repeaters

All equipment supplied is to the standards of IEEE 811, also referred to as WiFi, and we continually keep up to date with the latest developments and standards.

As with any equipment, wireless networking presents a compromise of features. On the plus side, a wireless network provides:

Convenience and appearance of getting rid of wires

Flexibility of equipment location and the ability to wander whilst retaining a network connection

This is balanced with:

Additional configuration requirements for security

Increased likelihood of interference

Likelihood of ‘blind spots’ - particular locations with poor or no signal coverage

Higher throughput performance of a wired network

Wherever Fish.Net install wireless components we always ensure they are safe and secure.

As your business expands, perhaps into an adjacent room or building, then a wireless line-of-site connection is often a very effective way of connecting your old and new premises together.

We have a proven record of supplying both radio and laser interconnections between premises; providing an interference-free extension to your network.

Whatever your environment, we identify and provide the equipment which gives you an effective network, whether wired or wireless.


Many of our customers are located in traditional buildings, and network appearance is often important.
We will ensure that your networking infrastructure compliments your buildings, whether using traditional wired connections for reliability and performance, or wireless connections for convenience, and that your network gives the performance and reliability that you expect.

Remote/Wide Area Networking - WAN

From the installation of our first network, we have been implementing remote network access for ourselves and for our customers.

Remote networking lets individual users and remote offices connect smoothly and securely into your network, and we will grow the performance of your distributed IT system as you grow.

Mobility - Networking the Future

And as your employees get ever more mobile; they want to be able to keep in touch wherever they are, using the equipment they have with them.

We can help keep your personnel connected using mobile phones and PDAs; email, Web and network connections; enabling them to remain in contact, and support them whilst they are away from the office

Discuss your requirements with us

Whatever your premises and wherever your personnel, let us get you all connected…

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