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Successful System Support Successful System Support
Successful System Support

System Design

Your effective IT system starts from the correct design.

While all IT systems contain common ingredients, every customer has a different set of requirements and we ensure that we recommend the right system to meet your needs, budget and expectations.

System Ingredients

IT systems can be complex and require an in-depth understanding of how they work. Fish.Net’s System team holds comprehensive knowledge in all areas required to develop a secure and reliable system, including:

Operating systems and applications

Computer hardware

Network design

Networking protocols

Switches and routers - network hardware


A well-planned system is imperative in helping a business grow and achieve real success. Our team has the experience to provide a detailed plan for an IT system that considers key areas such as disaster recovery, virtual private networks and security.

Your business will develop and change, and so therefore, must your IT system; our Systems team will accommodate this at the planning stage.

Local & Remote Networking

Your local network lets your computers communicate within your premises. Ever more, the requirement is to access your IT systems remotely from outside your system; whilst at the same time ensuring that your network and equipment remain safe and secure.

We will help you build this structure meeting your needs for remote users and remote premises.

Network Software

Not surprisingly, with the prevalence of Microsoft software, the team is well trained and highly experienced on the Microsoft Windows 2003 server operating system platform and associated suite of server software, and the Windows XP workstation operating system – together these provide a highly integrated set of administrative tools.

But there is more to life than Microsoft and there are many other creative software developers and cost effective software packages out there. We continually review the whole spectrum of packages available, to find the applications that best meet your needs and budget. So our experience and support covers other recognised server platforms such as Linux, and enterprise software such as Domino Notes.

Tailored to Fit

So… we understand your business needs, learn about your existing equipment and you let us know where you want your company to head, and then we tailor the system to fit your requirements.

Discuss your requirements with us

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